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  2. Hello Everybody, I just recently ported Android Upcoming Jelly Bean OS's Sound Files (Ringtones, SMS/Notification Sounds, Alarm Sounds and even its UI Sound Files too) for our Symbian Smartphones, I hope you may all like it! So, I am sharing them here (download the zip attachment below) Enjoy!!
  3. Great News Guyz, As promised by Nokia, Microsoft Apps 2.01 (5315) is now available for all Belle FP1 Devices through OTA & Nokia Suite! Package size is around 44 MB (Screenshots Attached Below) Here are the screenshots:
  4. Working Hack for Nokia Belle FP1 (Nokia 808, 700, 701 & 603) - Norton Symbian Hack by CODeRUS Big Thanks to CODeRUS & Marco Bellino a.k.a. Il. Socio This will alow to Install Unsigned Apps & Games (It 'll remove the Certificate & SmartInstaller Errors) Method: 1. Install "NortonSymbianHackLDD.sis" 2. Start the Application 3. Go to Options - Anti-Virus - Quarantine list 4. Select each file from the list and restore it (Restore each one individually or Select Restore All) 5. Exit the application, delete it from Application manager (Symantec Symbian Hack) and also del
  5. Font Zoomer Lite v.3.21 - Somyac This program is for Nokia will serve as a tool that will allow you to completely customize the font in your phone. With Font Zoomer You can replace the system font, change the font size, transparency, and the space between characters. After applying the settings in the program, to produce a result, the smartphone must be restarted, developers presented two Versions Full and Lite. Features "replacement of the system font, "change the font size, "change the font transparency;?" change in the space between characters, "restoring the default sett
  6. Hello Everyone!!! Recently, I am Experimenting Old Nokia Cellphone TrueType Font on my Symbian Belle Device, tested it on my Nokia 701 Dark Steel! So, I share this Font here also!! If you Guyz are interested to try this Stuff, Just download the Font .RAR File attached Below, (FontZoomer App Required) It remembers & feels the experiance of using an Old Nokia Cellphones of 90's like Nokia 1200 or others! NOTE: Don't try to use Opera Mini Web Browser while using this Font! Bcoz Opera Mini does not support this Font and then an Unexpected Restart Occurs!! Your Suggestions &
  7. Sure bro, but it can't support modded belle navibar of s60v5!
  8. Hello Everyone!!! Here, I am sharing a Simple and Classic TrueType Font (Roboto of Android ICS OS) for Symbian Anna/Belle Devices, (Font Zoomer App Required), tested it on my Nokia 701 Dark Steel & also fully Compatible with Opera Mini Web Browser, I hope you will all like it!!! Settings: Font Size (in Font Zoomer) set as = 100% Font Size (in Phone/Display/Messaging Settings) set as = "Normal" Install: Extract the Font File from Zip and put it to C: Data/Fontzoomer/ (by using Xplore) (Font File & Screenshots Attached Below) 5635_.zip
  9. We already knew that Nokia was working on the release of new flavors of its Symbian operating system, supposedly called Carla and Donna, but no specific info on what these might be all about has emerged until now. Today, however, we can have a close look at the UI in these platform releases, courtesy of a series of screenshots that MyNokiaBlog just brought up. The screenshots show that Nokia is moving towards a MeeGo-like appearance on Symbian, something that has been mentioned in the Symbian UI guidelines from several months ago (updated in the meantime to better reflect the evolution o
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