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3DVPlayer v2.0.1


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3DVPlayer v2.0.1

Requirements: Android 3D devices (Working on HTC EDVO 3D )

Overview: 3DVPlayer video player has China's largest 3D resource portal to support 3D content, video, using a unified 3DV format, and supports 3D video online play. 3DVPlayer to allow the market to achieve all the 3D phone are compatible 3D video playback.

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The software is aimed to support 3D Android phone users, and a small amount of ordinary Android phone users.

Important functions:

The phone comes with video playback;

Play the market common format video files (such as avi, mkv, wmv, rm, rmvb, ts, etc.);

Support the 3DV format video playback;

Support online video player, and can be interactive and online evaluation or rating of the video;

Play in 3D 3D video phone will display the 3D effect, in 2D there on the phone "play red and blue" or "2D views" for the user to choose.

Online video, the server can give the user models corresponding video stream;

Automatic online upgrades;

Support online play display subtitles;

Model selection based on the user's own language audio streams and subtitle streams.

Software in 800X480 960X540 854X480 display correctly on the screen.

More Info:

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