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Mighty Grocery Shopping List v1.1


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Mighty Grocery Shopping List Full v1.1

Requirements: Android OS 1.6+

Overview: Mighty Grocery is a powerful and simple-to-use shopping list for Android.

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Powerful and simple-to-use shopping list for Android.

IMPORTANT NOTE: keep Lite version installed on your device while upgrading to migrate all grocery data to Full version. After successful migration Lite version can be uninstalled from your handset. DO NOT uninstall Lite version before migration because the existing data will get lost.


* Multiple lists

* Price / Quantity / Taxes

* Coupon indicator

* Aisle customization/reorder

* Intelligent voice recognition

* Undo

* Favorites

* History

* Catalog of preset items in English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish.

* Master lists

* List-specific favorites

* Search

Full-only features:

* List Sync

* Backup on Cloud

* Barcode Scan

* Recipes

* Configurable Tabs

* Screen/Rotation lock

What's in this version:


Compare store prices for products in different shopping lists. Full version only.

Show price history.

Show linked items.

Link button shows popup menu

[Copy to] and [Move to] commands under Edit item tab.

Open Calculator from price/qty fields

ATM-style price entry

Fix: Total price won’t change due to Unit price round up

Disable Backup reminders

Disable Checkout summary

New sources for barcodes: www.MyGofer.com, Google product search

Minor fixes

More Info:

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