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HandyPaint is a powerful yet easy to use drawing tool for your mobile device. You can use it to create your own paintings, or edit pictures taken from your device's camera, even you can take a screenshot for editing. HandyPaint provides you pleasant and excellent drawing performance that better than any product in the industry.

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-Supports anti-aliasing drawing. Makes paint look more comfortable.

-Supports 30+ tools for drawing, such as pencil, line, curve, rect, round rect, ellipse, polygon, and text, flood fill, color picker, eraser...

-Support for load/save image files in BMP,JPG,GIF and PNG formats.

-Support for save paint as Gray bitmap file.

-Unlimited Undo/Redo.

-12 levels of pen and line sizes.

-8 levels of pen hardness.

-Text styles - choose among normal, bold, italic, underline and strikeout fonts.

-Resizable and moveable toolbar. Also supports translucent and auto hide for toolbar.

-True color of color selection.

-Support for move canvas.

-Image sizing and stretching.

-Support for take a picture by camera for editing.

-Support for take a screenshot for editing.

-Support for save paint as HandyPaint Format (.hpf) file for editing at next time.

-Support for send paint to your friends.

-Auto arrange UI elements at switching screen between landscape view and portrait view.

-Upload and showcase your paint on HandyPaint Gallery.

LITE version Attached or get it from NOKIA STORE


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