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Honeycomb v1.1 Final + Menu JTJL2

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Honeycomb v1.1 Final

Change log (from v1.1 Beta to v1.1 Final) -

+Clock switching option (Just click on the Clock)

+Wallpaper changer switcher. Choose between sliding or button wallpaper changer...

+Changeable Dragbar.

+Add as many wallpaper you want for the Button wallpaper Changer

Download it here -


Preview -

Gadget :


Menu :


For JTJL2 lovers

the menu is also released for JTJL2. It's a menu only RC1 theme. You must have JTJL2 firmware on your phone. [glow=red,2,300]The RC1 is made By FMAranda, many many thanks to him.[/glow]

Here is the Menu [updated to v1.1 final]


MADE and CHECKED by FMAranda


You'll need:

- Multiloader v5.62

- Original .rc1 and .csc of JTJL2

- Modded .rc1

Now, follow these few steps:

- Run Multiloader v5.62 load the ORIGINAL .rc1 and .csc

- Now replace ONLY the original .rc1 with the modded

- Connect your phone and click on Port Search

- If everything is ok, click on Download.


Now you have a customized menu with Qwerty firmware. Thanks again to FMAranda

change log ( from v1.0 Final to V.1.1 Beta) -

+ Notification Bar in Gadget

+ Four buttons on homescreen instead of two

+ Multiple color touch buttons.

+ Buttons for changing profiles in dragbar

+ More icons in the Main Menu (alarms, world clock, etc)

+ Shows Music title in the dragbar

+ Android Honeycomb clock in gadget

And Many More !!!

change log ( from v1.0 beta to v1.0 final ) -

+added gadget

+removed annoying touch sound and vibrate when sliding the icons in menu

+changed the icon alignments

+changed many things in the gadget

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