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[Tutorial] How to Patch Firmware and Install Mods

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Red - Warnings (Don't ignore them, EVER !!)

Blue - Necessary steps

What we will need :-

+ For Patching

1. Moddable Firmware (like XEJE1 or MFJF1. I'm using XEJE1 for this tutorial)

2. Patches for your respective firmware (There are patches for XEJE1, MFJF1 and XEJB3 in My Honeycomb v1.0 final's package)

3. Multiloader 5.56 (Note : Multiloader 5.62 won't work for patching)

Warning : Don't use patches of other firmware with another. It wont brick your phone but it will cause booting problems!! You'll get a triangle with an "!" mark!!

+ For installing Mods (themes)

1. Any Mod Package (I'm using My Honeycomb v1.0 for this tutorial). Download it here :


2. Nothing. You can copy the Mod via Windows Explorer.

You can download the patches (for XEJE1 only) and multiloader used in this guide here :



Here we start -

1. Open Multiloader 5.56

2. First of all, select LSI6410 in the control box.

Posted Image

Don't tick Master Rom, Don't tick Full Download, Don't tick Boot Change, Don't tick Differences only

                    Posted Image

3. Click on apps and navigate to and open apps.bin (apps_compressed.bin in my case)

4. Click on Rsrc2 and navigate to and open RC2 file (Rsrc2_S5620(Low).rc2 in my case)

Posted Image

5. Now, Turn off your phone, Press and hold Down Key + Camera Key + Power on key. It will go into download Mode, now connect the phone. It would show like this :

Posted Image

6. Press Download. Don't touch the phone. Its a 1 min process. After it restarts, Its Patched !!

Here is a fast paced, short video tutorial for patching the phone :


ADD : Patching should be done once after flashing with your respective firmwares' patch. There is no need to patch again when installing new mods.


Lets install our Mod. As i mentioned above, I'm using My Honeycomb v1.0 mod for this tutorial. So here We start -

1. Download Honeycomb v1.0 Mod and extract the .rar file (i prefer to extract it on desktop)

2. Connect your phone in kies Mode.

3. Open the folder where you have extracted The Mod. There you will see 2 Folders, Res and patches. Copy the Res folder to your Phone Memory

4. Disconnect the phone and restart.

Voila !! You have Successfully installed Mod on your phone.

For everyone who is having any problem after patching like the phone is not starting and its stuck at booting, there are two simple solutions :-

1. First Flash to any patchable firmware (like XEJE1 or MFJF1) and then use the patches of your respective firmware.

2. If 1st one doesn't work, then try flashing to another firmware and then patching it.

But always remember, u must flash to any patchable firmware first before patching.

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