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Nokia -X6|5530|5800|5230|5233-All RM's-"Allure's Magic"-N97v30 (05/08/11)


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Team Allure:

Venu238 and Devilyazdan

A simple CFW Based on C6 v40 and N97 v30 Port for Nokia 5230, 5233 and 5800 Latest Firwares!

Fast and Smooth UI. Use it and Feel it!

All Credits to:

PNHT, doctorly & binh24 for core files, 008rohit, Dan-av, CODeRUS, mara, Akshay5233, shadowninty, emotionalizer, alex393 for their Exclusive Mods and Many Others who contributed to this Firmware.


Total RAM on Startup: 60.93mb

Phone Memory at Startup: 74.5mb



Exclusive Mods in Allure



You will never believe how fast it is !! Notice Blazing speed while opening folders !!


Music Player Heap size increased: Now Music player responds very fast. Know the speed by switching between the songs [Exclusive]

Music player Settings Changed: 'Shuffle Play' and 'Repeat' are "ON" by default [Exclusive]

Music Player playback volume increased to 100% [Exclusive]

Media Player and Video Player volume is set to max by default [Exclusive]

Web Browser:

Web User connection is set to 'Userdefined' by default [Exclusive]

Browser-AutoForm Fill enabled: Browser retrieves any stored data that matches the characters typed by the user into a form. When the user selects this data, it appears on the new form. [Exclusive]

Web timeout while in call increased: 25min. If you get a call while using web, you will get timeout message after 25min if the call didn't end. [Exclusive]

Web: Maximum number of recent urls increased to 10! [Exclusive]

Web Connection startup timeout increased: 40sec [Exclusive]

Web "try to reconnect if connection fails because of temporary reason" decreased: 60sec and of "permanent reason" increased: 60sec.


Right soft key changed to Menu

N8 Touch UI(Now feel touch as N8 phone ;))

Reject call with sms disabled by default

Msg viewer & editor Font size is set to "small" by default :D

Default call volume increased: 80% in internal speaker

and Increased to 100% in loud speaker [Exclusive]

Received calls, Messages, Dialled calls, Sent messages (Everything in call log) show device time not set to operator time [Exclusive]

Vibrations while receiving calls and messages :

Intensity and duration of vibration decreased(battery friendly)

New N8 Emoticons added (See the Screenshot!)




More Battery Life:

Dimming, Light-time out and Auto lock respectively: 20, 35 and 45

System Cache switched to All Drives for more faster phone!

More System Heap Size for heavy loading!

Complete 5800 Audio Codecs in C6

More Equalizers to the Music Player !! [Exclusive]

Radio RDS Completely fixed!

Gallery images will load faster! Check it out yourself!!

Much more faster screen rotation!

Font: S^3 fonts with character support( used Drigz new characters) credits to Drigz

All New Dialler icon added!  :D

Changed color of the call key in dialler to Green. Check it out!  ;)

Startup text added

Changed boot location to "E:\Boot\"

Now place your Startup.gif and Startup.mp3 here!

Allure is now compatible with all Languages!

Most Important: Solved all the bugs present!!

Common Modifications

Nokia Browser - Extremely fast with tabbed browser!

Symbian^3 Menu with Landscape: 6x2 Layout

New Alphanumeric Keyboard Layout by Dan-av and N8 Qwerty Layout

Replaced shareonline button with Accelerator switch in mediabar. (Very Handy while typing!) [Exclusive]

Removed show open Apps

N8 Equalizer with single touch Activation

Auto rotate Alphanumeric to Qwerty added (like 5800!)

Highly Improved and Polished UI & Games Performance!

Browser Cache changed to Memory Card and increased to 32 MB

Restart option added! (by CODeRUS)

Press '0' to Switch Bluetooth

No apps will run and leave in background. Get more RAM!!

Smooth Brightness Added. Check it out!

Improved Fast Kinetic Scrolling !!

Touch screen vibration decreased (saves Battery)

Delete button added in Gallery

Music Player will search songs from "E:\Music" only

Send Everything from File Manager

Camera mod by Akshay5233:

    -Touch Camera button working

    -Hardware Cam Button for RKY mod users

    -Video-Image mode switching easily (Flash replaced)

    -Gallery button instead of Share online after capturing image or video

    -Flash is OFF by default

    -Fixed "Camera: Already in Use" bug for Image & Video Capture


There are two options for camera mod!

1. You will have image & video switch button in

both image & video modes but capture & record

icon won't work. ( Anyway you can use camera

button to do that work)

2. Capture & record icons work but there will be

flash icon in video mode.

Default is  1st option :)

Camera sound tone1 is set to silent

Camera doesnt run background after exiting it (saves RAM)

Video capture rate increased to 30FPS

Vivaz Conversations included in Messaging

Nokia Photo Browser added to Photo Suite

Startup tone set to 80%

Default Date set to 01-07-2011

Cleared Homescreen on startup (More RAM at first Boot!)

Contacts show only SIM contacts by default [Exclusive]

Sent Messages increased to 999 by default

Save Sent msgs is OFF by default! [Exclusive]

Delivery Report is set to 'ON' by default

General Profile renamed to "Allure"

"Silent" profile renamed to "Vibration" and vibration is set to ON by default

Default Bluetooth Name changed to "Nokia Allure"

Voice quality increased and set to high quality recording

Downloads are resumable in web even after restart!

Themes & Visual Modifications:

Nokia Theme White (Default)

Midnight Silver by Joeyfrankiko

New Mixed Theme effects

Icons: Mixture of  PR2-PR3 & X7 icons (Great work by binh24 & akshay5233) + N8 icons (Mara-)

Removed all unwanted apps including Ovi Maps

Apps added:

Rompatcher v3.1 [Exclusive]

Nokia FileBrowser






Posted Image  Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Imagehttp://img840.imageshack.us/img840/4289/scr000001r.jpg

http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/2851/45620496.jpg http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/6885/67416207.jpg http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/3452/54887509.jpg

http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/9378/98393466.jpg http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/3286/45337064.jpg http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/8864/61057355.jpg



http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/444/999yd.jpg http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/4049/9999sk.jpg

New Update (30/07/2011) : change log

1. Much more faster & smoother than previous Allure ;D

2. Fast startup :)

3. Replaced "Go to Music Store" to " GO to TTPod" in Music player options (Exclusive ;D)

4. Scrolling Speed in Music Player Increased ( Exclusive )

5. Autorotate is "off" by default (Exclusive ;D)

6. Theme preview delay time decreased, Now you can preview themes very fast ;)

7. Vibration Intensity decreased, to get smooth feel ;)

8. Camera & Video Quality increased

9. News & Blog Websites will refresh every 15mins in Web Browser

10. Quickrotate preinstalled (not included in the mediabar :()

11. Shortmultitap mod added

12. Java Mod added

13. Right soft key changed to "contacts".

14. All the bugs like "call key", "apps running background after exit", "TTpod fix" are solved :)

Download Section:

Download Core Files from here

Based on N97v30:(Allure's Magic)

Download RM-588 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download RM-625 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download RM-504 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download RM-356 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download RM-559 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download N97v30 Language Packs from here

Download Latest Ovi Maps from here

Extract them and drop in your Rofs2

Download Total QT Pack from here


Dont backup your contacts through pc/ovisuite, backup contacts through your phone.

Wait for 15 seconds when the Country selection appears before any input.

Wait for 5 mins after the first boot and then run Autoinstaller. Restart your device after installing all the apps.

If you use different version, then rename rofs2 as follows:

V50.0.1 : RM-588_50.0.001_prd.rofs2.V20 V50.6.1 : RM-588_50.6.001_prd.rofs2.V01 V50.6.2 : RM-588_50.6.002_prd.rofs2.V25

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