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[HOT] Changeable Splash and Shutdown Screens!


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Hey Guys I am here to share the Changeable SplashScreen.mif and SysAp.mif Without Flashing Credits : (Full and Full ) Coderus Iam Releasing this since Many requested Me . So if U download or Like My share pls Hit green arrow .ie.+1 This mod will enable the user to change the splashsreen and shutdown screen without flashing jus put ur desired Mif file in C:/resource/apps/ and restart ... For Cfw Makers If you like to use this Mod in Your CFW you need to edit the UDA file.so that after flashing it directly goes to C: if u Didnt use Uda file modded by ur splashscreen instead you will get blank startup screen with BIG X mark.Anyways after flash u can able to change it by using File browser with Open4all patch enabled using Ropmpatcher. And if You use this MOD in your CFW Please Credit CODERuS,PRAKASHKARAN,UPAKUL. NOTE:= Do not Tick Factory settings .if u tick factory settings ur phone will continue bootup in Loop. Put the attached file in Rofs2/sys/Bin/ and repak and reflash....


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