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Things you must know about your very own S40 phone

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Here are some basic facts about your s40 phone:

1. Series 40 devices can only run java (j2me) applications. Unlike s60, it disables/pauses all kinds of running applications (except some games + some file managers) while you are making/receiving a call.

2.It cannot run multiple applications at once. Unless you hack the Control Panel and the apps you can minimize it. But on a normal s40 phone, multitasking is not possible.

3.Your Phone doesnt support any call recorder app. Your s40 phone has built in call recorder which is programmed to beep each 3 second time. It is to maintain privacy... So that you can't record a call secretly (without telling the person on the other side ). You can't bypass it basically (you'll need to edit the .ppm to do that.)

4.You can hide/unhide anything (pictures... songs.. themes.. folders... etc) you have in your gallery. But you cannot hide sms/txt msg. There is no such application yet. But there is an application that can hide your contact numbers (Try smart guard app).

5.You cannont move contact details or sms/txt into your memory card. You need to "back up" them into you pc via "nokia pc suite"

6.Your phone is 100% free from virus. Virus files usually have .exe or .sys for file extension. Your phone doesn't support those files. Some Virus (its actually termed worm) do affect the memory card of your phone to misbehave. But it wont ever damage your phone or have any direct impact on your s40 phone. Just format your memory card to free such worms affected.

Here's a small list of applications that do not run on s40 phones. So please stop requesting for applications of these types:

Call recorder

Call blocker/Call blacklist

Multiple Alarm

Barcode scanner

txt blocker

anti-virus (It is basically not needed)

sms hider

Auto sms replier/forwarder

.avi, .mpg or .wmv player

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awesome....a very informative post....thanks for sharing this on us..

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