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Rooting Defy!!


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1-Let's do a flash with SBF in version 2.2.2 Froyo Deblur

Download the SBF

Unzip it in a folder (on PC) within easy reach, you have a file with a. Sbf.

1)Now we need to download and install (in pc) and RSD Lite Motorola Drivers.

Download RSD Lite and Motorola Drivers

2)After installed programs (in pc), turn off your Defy and make sure that the battery is charged.

3)Connect it with the following key combination: Hold down the VOLUME UP AND PRESS ON BUTTON for about 4 seconds then release them.

This will activate your BootLoader defy, after this, plug the phone into the computer and wait for it to be recognized.

4)Open RSD Lite, and check if your phone is connected.

5)Press the "..." RSD LITE-in and locate the file. sbf as done in step 1.

6)Click Start to upgrade the ROM to your Defy and wait until it is restarted.

7)Let us now make HARD RESET: With Defy, switch it with the following key combination: Hold down the VOLUME DOWN BUTTON AND PRESS ON FOR ABOUT 4 SECONDS THEN RELEASE THEM.

8)Wait until you see a triangle with an exclamation point, when it appears, press the VOLUME (UP AND DOWN) simultaneously, with a menu that appears, select the WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET, wait for the process be completed and also run the option WIPE Cache Partition.

With that, your Defy will be free from bugs to start.

9)With Android Froyo 2.2.2 installed, now need to obtain superuser privileges (Root), for this we will use the SuperOneClick download and unzip it in a folder (on PC) for easy access.

Download the SuperOneClick

10) To gain access to the Root must activate the smartphone PURIFICATION used by developers, here's how:

  • In Defy go to Settings> Applications> Development> USB debugging option MARK

12)With the phone plugged into a USB port and the "Charge Only" or "just press" SuperOneClick.exe open (or view if win7 click the right mouse button and open as administrator) located in the as extracted in step 2 and click the ROOT, wait until the process is finished and restart your Defy.

13)Activate Now option Backup and Recovery from the Defy 2ndinit.

Download 2ndinit Defy after installed Repeat step 12(Enable Debugging), open it and click the INSTALL RECOVERY 2NDINIT (latest version) and click Allow in the SUPER USER two screens that appear. That done, follow: Settings> Applications> Development> USB debugging Uncheck restart your phone.

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