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Panda Assistant(free)


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Panda Assistant
Panda Assistant
Panda Assistant is a smart tool that assists you to use Android phones quickly and easily. Panda Assistant tries to maximize and improve your Android capability.
►Home Screen Panda
A cute panda will be always waiting for you at the home screen. Just one tap to fast access powerful functionalities. At the same time, you can move the panda wherever you want.
►Easy settings and tools
Quickly turn on/off system settings like Wifi/Bluetooth/Airplane mode and easily access tools like Flashlight / Camera / Gallery / Alarm Clock / File Manager / Settings.
►One tap to switch recent apps
A fast and accurate way to find & launch apps by recent tasks and new installed. Avoid spending time to look for your app by swiping many screens.
►Handy messages center
A powerful and convenient unread messages / notifications manager - it shows unread messages number of WhatsApp / Facebook / Messenger / WeChat / Line / Google+ / Gmail / SMS / Missing calls etc. It supports most of the social apps, email apps and news apps. It also reminds you about the new pictures taken and up-coming Alarm Clock / Calendar etc.
►Support various Voice Assistant
Panda Assistant supports Google Now, Cortana, Assistant.ai, Dragon Mobile Assistant and Jarvis etc.
►Speed up your phone
Clean unused processes and release memory to boost your phone.
►APP manager
Single click to uninstall and backup applications, sort applications by name, size and date and check every aspect of app details - name, version, size, date, package etc.
►Music scenario
When plug your headphones into smart phone or wireless speakers connect to your cellphone by bluetooth, a panda with headphones will appear to help you play music or video in a easy way.
- Suppose you want to fast access to apps of Gallery, File manager, App Manager & Flashlight.
- Suppose you want to open recent installed app in a hurry.
- Suppose you want to quickly open or uninstall a specific app.
- Suppose you want to reach the unread messages / notifications at any screen.
- Suppose you want to launch any of the Google apps in one place.
- Suppose you want to listen to music or watch movie after your put on headphones.
- Suppose you want to do a search with voice. 
- Suppose you want to just have a relax.
Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superdroid.assistant

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