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Thousands of People are using Quran Bahasa Indonesia App


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Quran Bahasa Indonesia provide a free opportunity to read The Holy Quran on your android phones.  Check out simple and easy interface to Recite Quran. Utilize its transliteration & Audio MP3 recitation feature to absorb Quran Tajweed skills, the rules of Quran Recitation. Read Quran Translation in 9 major languages. Explore and enjoy some other useful features today.

App Features:

·        >This app has the following features

·         Download Complete Quran with beautiful and easy to use interface.

·         114 Ordered Chapters, from Surah Fatiha to Surah An Naas.

·         View translation in English, Persian Urdu,, Spanish, , Italian, Chinese, Dutch, French and Indonesian languages

·         Listen Recoded recitation by Misray Rashid Alfasay

·         Turn on Transliteration and take help regarding pronunciation

·         Find any verse by using “go to” option given at the bottom of each page

·         Find any Surah using the Search/Index bar

·         Tap on verse for about a second to bookmark OR Share any particular verse easily.

·         From settings you can choose the fonts, their size, color and background of your own choice

From Settings Menu you can:

·         Change the font size

·         Go to 14 sujud in Quran

·         Stop Signs

·         Change app language

·         Turn on Daily notification

Use this app for your daily Quran reading and share your experience. Jazak Allah

Play store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.QuranReading.quranindonesian&referrer=utm_source%3DSEO


Quran Indonesia Splash.jpeg

Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia Index image.JPG

Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia MP3 2.JPG


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