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A cool new app Music Camera Messenger

★★★ Introducing Music Camera Messenger ★★


Music camera Music Messenger is a revolutionary way to enjoy your photos, music and voice messages and make new friends and an incredibly effective MUSIC PROMOTION TOOL for artists.
Using Musicamera It is quick and easy: no input requests or subscriptions:
it is as natural as taking a photo with your mobile camera.
It has never been so easy to instantly send a musical postcard or voice message or a music clip to your friends.
Your photos and audio can be published and viewed by thousands of users worldwide, getting ratings and comments.
If you are a singer or a band... it's time to get famous!!! Make your song viral, listened by thousands of people from all over the world, instantly. Promote your concert or musical event, build your own fans base.
Browse thousands of public photos from your friends and from all over the world, listen to the attached messages and music and share with your friends or forward as instant message in complete privacy.
Send messages and music to your friends and to other users worldwide and find new friends.
Music Camera is also a powerful instant messenger to stay in touch with your friends and family.
The music can be bookmarked and played back in the music library section.


MUSIC PROMOTION (for artists, singers, bands):
○ Share your song so it can be listened by thousands of users.
○ Your song can be sent as a message, added to users' play lists and become viral.
○ Collect hits, let your song be forwarded by users to other users, share your music page and become famous.
○ Build a fans community

○ Vote, share and forward public photos and audio, share audio clips.
○ Send messages and chat with users that accepted to be contacted and make new friends.
○ If you want you can Receive messages and chat with users that liked your photos.

○ Music library with play list support,repeat, shuffle.
○ Save Music to audio library from public and private photos.
○ Online Music browser and search engine

○ Camera function with preview, camera options and effects.
○ Flash settings, resolution, focus policy, color effects, white balance, scene.
○ Multiple camera support, front back camera swap, camera rotation detection.

○ Attach music clip or a recorded voice message to the photo
○ Choose the audio to attach directly from your music library.
○ Send photos, music and messages directly to phone contacts.
○ Publish and share photos (in private or public mode).
○ Invitation system via email or SMS for contacts without Musicamera.

○ Time line with the latest public musical photos from all over the world.
○ World photo gallery with bookmark feature.
○ Browse photos by country.
○ Bookmark photo feature.

Instant Messenger - chat:
○ Full featured, real time instant messenger .
○ Chat with your contacts and save on phone costs.
○ Send chat messages with text, voice, photo, smiley.
○ Send public photos or your photos as chat message.

○ Musicamera is a privacy proof messenger.
○ To us, everyone's privacy is sacred.
○ You can block any unwanted contact any time.
○ We are not using users' data for any other purpose than allow users to use the service.
○ We do not do any kind of profiling/advertising targeting or any kind of marketing processes on users' profiles.
○ We don't keep copies of the users' messages and we delete them as soon they are not necessary any more (e.g. read by recipient).
○ Full encrypted ssl communications with server.

 Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spinkeysoft.musicamera

Requires: Android 2.3.3 and up

I recommend you to download this free and awesome app.

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