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Rules:To be Followed


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Rules of The Forum

1. No Cracks/Warez or Criminal Activities

2. No Spams.

3. No Fights.

4. Advertising external sites in forum is strictly prohibited.

Not following these will result in Ban

Only the English language is allowed when posting

Search before you post. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, there’s a good chance that it has already been posted. First try a search using likely keywords. If it looks like the question hasn’t been answered, please post!

When posting, choose a section that is suitable for the subject before posting your message!

When creating a topic try to write an informative heading, the heading should state clearly the subject of the topic.... "[Help](Ur problem)" should be helpful for others to understand!

Thank those who help you by  Hitting Thanks Button.

Try your best to upload images on image sharing site Photobucket. Uploading images in our own server increases the load on the forum.

Do not post in CAPITAL LETTERS. The same applies to Bold letters.

Rules for posting applications,games and themes:

1. Upload files to our own server. We dont like adf.ly, Rapidshare, Survey Sites or ziddu links. We and our users prefer direct downloadable attachments instead of any app market link such as Nokia OVI Store, Apple AppStore or Android Market. For Files larger then 10MB you should upload to other hosting sites (Mediafire or Multiupload recommended).

2. Upload a preview of the theme on a image server like Photobucket or Picasaweb and use the "Insert image" button above the smilies to add the image to the board.

Avatar Selection:

The Staff members will be having unique avatar attached to their profile which no member has the permission to copy the same to their profile in this forum or anywhere on Internet.

The members caught with such action will be warned and the copied avatar will be removed as soon as possible replaced with the default forum avatar.

Same applies for other members too. It is advisable not to copy any member's avatar pic to avoid confusions and misrepresentation.

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