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Vampire Shootout: Necronomicon


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Probably, there is no one who is not familiar with Dracula. The shots from that movie give chills and freak a lot of people out: silence and darkness… Hazard is near but still silence… and Bang – vampire hunt is started! However, some people just enjoy and even get adrenaline from this underworld hazard! If you are one those brave ones then meet the next of our new Vampire hunting games!

Vampire Shootout Necronomicon is one of the latest vampire hunting games, created to give more fun to its players. It is really important to be ready to start a journey to underworld, which is full of hazard. So, what we will do first is to take a quick look at the whole picture of the future vampire hunt.

Once you get your app started, you will see a creepy view of a castle in the darkness and … BANG!! Suddenly here appears a flying bat, which needs to be shot immediately! Do not look for any special guns to do that, you already have one – press right on the bat with your finger and that’s it! The number of the bats will increase constantly, so try to be fast and cautious in order not to miss any of them. The more you shoot, the more points you will earn in this bat game. Pay attention that your arsenal includes only six bullets, so make sure to reload as soon as they are over.

You will need cautiousness not only for killing on time, but also to distinguish who is not your enemy in this bat game. Not everything here can be killed, such as a huge pumpkin or a ghost that appears randomly. Try not to touch them, because it will cause your vampire hunting be lost and you will have to start it all over again.

Since you all ready to start this epic adventure, no need to lose any moment to download the app and make it yours! Internet connection is needed only for downloading the bat game and the rest of the process can go offline. It costs nothing but your time and desire to enjoy underworld adventure!



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