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Attention! Chemistry Lab Pics


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You do not have to be a fan of biochemistry or chemicals in order to check out this app. It is true that not everyone likes chemistry. It may be because of some unlucky science projects in the school lab or super strict organic chemistry teachers. But let us give you a chance to look at all of those chemistry projects from absolutely different side!

The stereotypes about chemistry or physics projects are usually connected with quiet people lost among lab equipment and chemical reactions. Definitely, you may say “So what? What is so special about this chemistry set of photos?!â€

Go ahead and check out the selection of photos in this untraditional app and you will find out what is that charm which make those people addicted and make them forget about everything else except for their general chemistry! Just imagine what a joy it would give to take couple elements and making something absolutely different out of them! It is much more than just playing with colors and laboratory equipment.

The captures from that amazing and for some of us mystical world are really bright and stunning. It does not require any knowledge of analytical chemistry to fall in love with what this app offers. There are no special rules for entering and using this “labâ€.

All you need to do is to go ahead and download it to your phone. You need an internet connection just for this process, and then you can install it for a couple of seconds. Once you have your new app installed, feel free to explore it even without any internet connection, anywhere and whenever you want! In order to use this chance to the fullest, you can choose any one of them as your background image; share it on your social networks, such as facebook, skype, and others with your friends.

We are glad to welcome you to the only secret lab in this world that does not require any license, uniform or any money to enter!




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