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Rescalc Master V1.0.8 - Resistor Calculator / Led Calculator


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ResCalc Master v1.0.8


Price: Free

Language: Bosanski, English, Italiano, ????????, ???????

Operating system (win32 / win-amd64): Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

ResCalc Master is a resistor calculator outfitted with various tools, meant to aid in work related to resistors. 

The main window of the program is meant for decoding and coding of resistors with 3 to 6 bands, it includes calculation of resistor value according to colour and vice versa, ability to convert resistor value into ?, K?, M?, G?, automatic calculation, resistor standard calculation as well as a visual and textual display of resistor colour. 

Tools are comprehensive: a colour code table, an EIA standard value table, decoding examples, resistor orientational dimensions as well as a series, parallel and LED calculator. 


- Determination of a resistor's value according to its colors

- Determination of a resistor's color accordng to its value

- Determination of a resistor's standard according to its value

- Support for resistors with from 3 to 6 bands

- Color code table that includes decoding example

- EIA standard value table (E6, E12, E24, E48, E96, E192)

- Resistor orientational dimensions dependent on strength of dissipation

- Series resistor calculator

- Parallel resistor calculator

- LED resistor calculator

Download / Info:


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