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Squash Hornet - Wasp Phobia


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Imagine a wonderful summertime when you are holding a cookout with family or friends and enjoying life. Suddenly, here comes a wasp to attack not only your food, but You as well! If you have already suffered a wasp sting, then you must have a phobia, which does not let you even dare to wasp kill. We want you to get over your fears. Do not turn one of the best new shooting games out there into a phobia game!

It is definitely good to be careful while dealing with insects. They may do any harm but not in these shooter games! Only here you have the whole control over the fly wasp!

The rules of the wasp games are very simple: squish every single fly wasp you see on the screen! There is a certain amount of wasps you need to squish for each level. At the beginning, you may take it easy, but the more levels you complete, the faster the wasps start to move around and you may not be able to catch them all in order to collect full amount of coins.

Let us remind you the first rule: kill the wasps, ONLY the wasps!!! The thing is, this beautiful garden is inhabited not only by wasps, but also other insects, such as green bugs and spiders. Once they appear on the “Battle Field”, you need to be very cautious and try not to touch them, otherwise the game will be lost and you will have to start it all over again from the very first level!

You will be provided with some bullets in every game. Every time you touch the screen to kill a wasp, one bullet will be used. The amount of them decreases even if you do not catch the target, so try not to waste your arsenal. Good news is that you can reload the arsenal when you run out of bullets and it needs to be done very fast to save time and earn more points!

Make the latest shooter game app your own by simply downloading it for free! Develop your cautiousness and speed, having fun at the same time! Be the one with “stings” and revenge on the wasps for all swollen skin sufferings!




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