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Tamagotchi Critter Control


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Tamagotchi critter control game is the perfect app that allows you just to have a rest and immerse yourself into the virtual reality! Don’t worry about the modern cruel world, which is full of lies and avarice, because you can always open this game and transfer yourself into the cosy and sweet virtual home with the prettiest and loveliest tamagotchi pet!

Just imagine – you don’t need to spend any money on this virtual pet, you don’t need to feed him or carry about him or go with him to a walk, because the only thing that this cute pet require is your love or even sympathy! Every time you open this app he’ll welcome you with the bride smile and be ready to gladden you!

Now in order to excite you more, we prepared very good present! So this time, instead of playing one game about one tamagotchi pet, you’ll be given a bright opportunity to play the whole team of three games! It’s wonderful! Just imagine – you download one game, but get three! So it’s very rare chance to catch such great luck by tail and you shouldn’t miss it!

So there’s tamagotchi pet game itself, where you’ll be responsible for sweet critter, control its life and do everything in order to comfort it! It’s very funny, because this critter is so nice and pretty, that you’ll not mention the amount of time you spent with him!

Then the first additional game is a hybrid flower. Actually all of these games are connected with each other and the aim of the last three ones is to provide money and everything that’s needed for lovely critter. The rules of the flower game are very easy – you should just kill every insect that approaches the flower and that’s all, the more insects will be killed, the more money will be earned by you!

Then goes the second game, but don’t think that these games should be played in a sequence - you can choose any of them! So the rules of this game also aren’t difficult – here you should collect coins from the pathway, but this pathway isn’t an ordinary one – it keeps moving! So your aim is to react very quickly and not let the tamagotchi virtual pet to be gone with the pathway. Just try to collect all of the coins and your lovely tamagotchi baby will become extremely happy!

The third game is also worth attention. It’s concerned with the space. Unexpectedly, isn’t it? So you and your lovely tamagotchi will be transferred into the space which is full of angry aliens! Your aim is to fight with them and kill as many as possible! It also allows you to earn money and spend them on your virtual pet!

Play these games and be sure that you have provided the best pet and baby care for your cute tamagotchi, because you are the only person whom he can rely on.

In addition this game is absolutely free and it’s one of the offline games! So it means that you’ll not spend your money neither on downloading process nor on internet, because once you’ve downloaded this app, then you can play it without internet connection!

Use this brilliant chance to download Tamagotchi critter control game and make the most profitable deal, because you lose nothing, but acquire a lot of joy!




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