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Fish Prey: Coral Reef Arsenal


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Are you the kind of person, who is dynamic and strong, who loves action and breathtaking adventures? Then we are so glad to offer you one of the most fascinating games out there! Have you ever dreamed of meeting the goldfish from fairy-tales that makes your dreams come true? This fish hunting game is full of those fishies and they will give more happiness than you have ever wished for!

The fish shooting game will take you to the gorgeous underwater world with a great view of coral, blue or green reef. You will see a lot of cute colorful fish swimming in the freshwater, view of which on your display seems just like a miracle. But the thing is: these are just perfect distractions, because your goal here is not only to enjoy the view, but also to turn into a strong hunter from elemental player and start carnage! Your time is limited, so try to shoot as many fish as possible. There is no special arsenal of guns for this battle, but the only accelerator is your strong and fast fingers! Obviously, your prey will not be swimming peacefully for you to catch them. They will do their best as well, in order to escape from a killer, so it takes a lot of effort and speed to reach your goal. There is no certain gauge for how many fish to catch, so it is possible to break new records every time you play! Do not worry about how to haul that great amount of fish by yourself, you do not have to! Instead, you will be given coins for every single fish killed.

Do not let go this awesome bargain – since you will collect so many coins every day for free! The download costs nothing, but an internet connection. Just one click to install and it will get so addicting that you may not be able to tear yourself away from the game! The rules are as simple and clear as a sky: just catch as much prey as possible, depending on your own strength and caution.

Take a step forward to your dreams. Enjoy the beautiful and colorful graphics. Train your hunting skills and reach more and more heights every single day! Start your breathtaking adventures right now by simply clicking on the icon!



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