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[Free] [New] Talker Assembly: Like A Helium


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Talker Assembly: Like a Helium app is the perfect way to relax and diversify your routine life. Do you feel bored? Do you want to have a lot of fun? Then by downloading this app you’ll make the right choice!

So just imagine that you’ll hear your voice modified in a lot of ways! It’s really funny, isn’t it? Your own voice will be altered so much that you’ll not be able to recognize it! This voice changer will certainly rise up your spirits and make you laughing a lot! Just try this app and you won’t forget it!

So the bottom line of the game is that your voice will be altered in a very funny way by different characters. But the special thrill of this app is that it united all heroes from other voice changer games!

Isn’t it awesome? There’s a whole team of 30 heroes that are ready to repeat every word of yours! So while playing this game you’ll be facing such interesting characters as Ben 10, Putin, Obama, Dragon,

frog, Steve Jobs, fish, gangster, ghost, skeleton, Spiderman and a lot, a lot of others! So it’s up to you – either you will just ignore this app or you’ll try it and enjoy its great possibilities!

So as you see this game has a lot of advantages! First of all you’ll not be bored by the same character who repeats your words by the same voice – there’re 30 heroes and all of them have different voices!

So you can be sure that after downloading this game you’ll be listening to 30 variants of your altered voice! Then this voice changer won’t confuse you by any movements on the screen, so it’ll entertain you by its primary function – voice changing! Each hero will be just standing and repeating everything

after you, only his lips will be moving. Also there’re any levels or other functions, so it isn’t a sort of a gambling game and it can be played by everybody! Do you want to entertain your children without causing any harm to them? Then this voice changer is everything you need!

Moreover this game is absolutely free of charge! You won’t pay anything for it! Just click “install” button and enjoy this marvelous game! And what else makes this voice changer really awesome is that it’s an offline game! You don’t need an internet connection to play it, except downloading! As you see you can enjoy this game everywhere – even in the godforsaken place!

So in order to start playing this cute game, you should just install this app on your smartphone! Then press the “play” button and immerse yourself into the world of funny sounds! There’re 2 arrows – back and forth. By pressing these arrows you can choose one particular hero out of thirty. Don’t you want to hear how your voice sounds on dragon’s, doll’s, power ranger’s, horse’s, fox’s, Diego’s, zebra’s, cowboy’s or any other’s lips? It so funny! Just try it and you won’t be able to tear yourself from this cool

Download this wonderful Talker Assembly: Like a Helium app and be ready to laugh a lot!



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