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Nokia N97 Ported Firmware From C6-00 V42.0.004 (Latest) Rm-505


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There are many CFW but full with problems. For example several CFW have full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard however video calls are disabled as a result of stupid moders write StaticFeatures.dll to modify one feature but disable another. Most of them don't knowledge to edit properly StaticFeatures.dll neither a way to integrate properly different fixes and options

Even if you find a bug free CFW functioning on 100% (there are only few in the Internet) they're so badly wasted with stupid splash screens, startup pictures, shutdown greetings, branded menus, filled with apps, nasty icons, unwanted keyboards that cause you facepalm. And the majority of them aren't based on the most recent firmware v42.0.004 of C6, thus you get older browser, music player etc. Thereby this firmware is exclusive of its kind, based on last firmware v42.0.004 with all bug fixes, full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard, however no pollution with fluffy things and stuffing within, clear and good to go. Original style without in-built stupid splash screens, startup pictures, shutdown greetings, branded menus, unwanted apps, nasty icons, unwanted keyboards etc. when flashing you're free to install anytime your themes with icons, apps, patches, settings you wish and assemble is up to you. No need to bear somebody else unhealthy taste design simply because is hardcoded within! Clear CFW with all necessary bugfixes however no pollution inside. many customizations may be added and removed after flasing, therefore no need to hardcode it inside firmware (see additional patches)

Before flashing if you like you can add your own virtual qwerty keyboard with your language, no matter what in few easy steps make your alphabet emerge on the virtual keyboard in order you like.
Nokia N97 Ported Firmware from C6-00 V42.0.004


• properly operating hardware keyboard. No bugs on the physical buttons, button . (dot) works!
• music player with lyrics support works sort of a charm. Last version
• FM transmit and FM radio work unflawed, no bugs no problems
• full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard. Add any language you wish (tutorial below the way to add your own language)
• 65MB free on C and 56MB free RAM when a tough reset
• the last Nokia Browser, Symbian anna (v. works nice and has the best Flash lite version!
• working Video Calls, Compass, Video Sharing, TV Out, 3D ringtones, XDM profiles, Help, operating StaticFeatures.dll
• original user agent within the browser. internet sites ought to open properly as a result of not seeing your browser as safari, Crome, iPhone etc. If you wish internet sites seeing you as completely different browser you'll be able to copy a custom user agent in c:private10202be9 anytime
• call log up to one year
• English as default language. particularly when Flashing the phone will boot in English language!
• ability to rename applications
• Original Nokia startup and pack up screens. No builtin stupid pictures. only solelyup animation is voided for quick start
• Nokia mobile dictionary with English menus without builtin dictionaries that can't be removed. Anytime you'll be able to install dictionaries solely you wish. Here you're all original Nokia .sis dictionary assortment NokiaMobileDictionary.zip
• camera photos on 100 percent jpeg quality.
• Original Nokia fonts!!! permits using all potential languages on the phone! many CFW moders build restricted coding fonts with less characters and screw some languages, that cause problems in chapter below “How to make own keyboard along with your language” as phone is unable to check your language. These original fonts have solely two symbols added, shutdown and restart in power button menu
• RomPatcher v3.1 built in. Phone is open however no inbuilt patches! simply copy the patches in E:Patches or C:Patches. Here you're patch assortment. RomPatches.zip
• original Nokia icons and themes! No hardcoded dummy icons! If you wish flossy icons simply install an issue with icons you wish and uninstall after you like!
• no hidden icons within the firmware! several dull CFW hide some icons like Phone Search, MemoryCheck, language, etc. they will be hidden anytime when flash with copying custom 101F8847.txt in C:private10202be9. Check the patch assortment below
 • if you wish fancy trying menus you'll be able to copy own fonts anytime in E:ResourceFonts. Connect as mass storage to copy or delete your custom fonts. don't place fonts in C:ResourceFonts as a result of is unable to delete it. Fonts.rar
• original kinetic scroll. Original rotating sensitivity. It is modified anytime when copying a custom setting in C:private10202be9
• no removed apps like search, drawing, phone switch, image editor etc.
• 5 shortcut widgets rather than solely two
• option "Locking screen and keyboard" has been replaced with "Restart" within the power button menu
• builtin – bit screen unlock, BTSwitch, Accel Switch, timer, flashlight, MenuSwitch (switch grid on 4x5, 4x4, 3x4) KeyLock and Tap2Screen
• Qt version four.7.3QtMobility 1.01(302), , PIPS 1.07(5), Open C LIBSSL Common 1.07(0), QtWebKit 4.07(3), SQLite3 0.50(0)
• and several bugfixes and overall optimized performance and stability with last nokia’s firmware masterpiece
• add effects you wish anytime after flash. place it in C:Resourceeffects. Effects.rar

Posted Image

20 Patches Collection.rar after flashing put patch you like, coping .txt file in appropriate folder.

Nokia maps completely functional
Nokia Maps can work perfect, install it as standalone app. Here is the last official version signed by nokia “Nokia Ovi Maps 3.06(688) 11wk23 b05”.
The way for proper install is to extract  the main package, install the packages inside and then install main package. Or install as 1,2,3 and main package
Posted Image
Posted Image

How to make own virtual full and mini keyboard with any language?

Start Nokia QWERTY-Keyboard Editor and open file resourcepluginspeninputvkbwindowconfiginfo_01.rsc.
Posted Image

How to Flash?
•  Put all files from the archive in Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-505
•  Install JAF in Program FilesODEONJAF
•  Before Flash you can change your product code with JAF.
•  Put the settings on the screenshot, a dialog will pop and choose RM-505
Posted Image

I would like to praise a ton of people that helped Mohamed Hegazy, Coderus, IaguCool, PNHT, IC@Darkstream, duybinh24, Phorepoc, operator_555, Dedushka.

Copyright Notice.
This work is released for free and as it is. Free for personal use and non-commercial, free to share.
Not for commercial use.
If you want to publish this CFW somewhere else, then kindly ask for permission first, it's a lot of hard work so do respect that. Link your post to the original post here and don't mirror links.
For more information, updates, support, bug report or research issues please write to NokiaN97 at cybercom.com.au


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