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[Android 2.2+ Free Game] Colors - Minimalistic And Colorful Puzzler


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Hi there,
we're at it again, and this is hopefully the first in a set of pre Christmas releases!
It's Colors a beautifully minimalistic but totally addictive game about collecting dots!
Check it out on the Google Play Store: Colors
Please "+1" it and rate us if you've got a moment to spare :smile:
Dive into a game of colorful minimalism and dots. 
Colors is a simple but incredibly addictive game. 
Start by tapping a shaded dot and connect as many dots as possible.
Collect the dots by connecting to another shaded dot.
Colors is a journey.
The game unfolds and explains itself as the player progresses through 100 levels.
Colors is free.
And don't forget to visit our home page: MADE
Once again the android play store url:  Colors
If you're on twitter, follow us to stay up to date: @MADEAPPS
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Hi there,

we've just release Colors 2! It's a huge update to the previous game with many new game mechanics, six new chapters and many more things to discover. Please check it out and let me know how you like the game.
We also have a trailer for the game now!
If your browser/device supports 60fps YouTube videos, be sure to check that out, it's pretty cool.
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