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SMS marketing for the small business


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Text message marketing has grown to become one of the most powerful advertising tools in existence. A common misconception however is that text message marketing campaigns are for big businesses only. Nothing could be further from the truth. Text message marketing can work just as well for smaller businesses as well. Many small business owners are already experiencing the value of integrating mobile marketing into their advertising campaign.

5 reasons to take your business mobile

Here’s a look at five reasons your small business should go mobile:

1. It delivers your message directly and quickly. If you have time sensitive information for customers such as an appointment alert or expiring promotional offers, there’s no better way to inform them than through text. The majority of texts are read within five minutes. It is far more effective than email or snail mail.

2. It builds brand loyalty. SMS marketing is the perfect way to include customers in your business via loyalty programs. Use texts to send your loyal customers special promotions.

3. It’s easy. Launching a mobile marketing campaign may sound technical and difficult but in actuality it can be very simple. There are many mobile marketing companies who have created tools to make it easier for business owners to launch their own marketing campaign

4. It’s cheap. No form of advertising is as cheap as SMS marketing when you take into consideration its effectiveness. The cost of reaching so many customers so quickly through any other method would be far more expensive

5. It allows you to target mobile users based on their interests

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