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HI ALL PLZ TRY THAT NEW CFW....FIND ANY BUG PLZ REPORT ME ...THANKS FOR UR SUPORT....CFW AND ALL MOD TESTED BY ME ON N97 MINI RM 555V30 The languages supported by this CFW:     01- English (default language)     02- French     03- Arabic The applications added in this CFW: 01- Theme From Metro Revision by Daeva112 02- Nokia Maps v 3.06 03- Conversation +fix msgs lag+6 pages symbol+emotion+calibri fonts 04- ROM Patcher Plus v 3.01 with auto stat fix (bass and c2z working 100%) 05- Bluetooth Switch 06- ScreenSnap 07- MemCheck 08- Quick Lock 09- Bright Light v 1.0 10- Timer Pro v 1.0 11- Google Maps + OVI STORE FIX +disable ovi contct 12- Bounce Touch+ Racingg thunder(11+ tracks) 13- Notifications widget + fixings lag 14- KillMe 15- File Browser The applications removed from the CFW: 01- All original themes 02- Boingo 03- JoikuSpot 04- Qik 05- Vlingo 06- Music Store 07- Download! 08- Chat Special modifications: 01- Belle Browser working perfect without any bug 02- 5 short-cut widget Working fine with all Languages 03- S^3 Landscape Mod added with extended menu,full screen qwerty,center text,alphanumeric mod 04- Smiles added with N8 style 05- i-phone Kinetic Scrolling MOD added edited AND FIX BY ME(SAMI) 06- Effect very smoothly and fast + EFFECT ON 07- hEAP SIZE INCRES+ CACHE ALL DRIVE+ UI MOD increased 08- DO NOT OPEN MENU ON EXIT MUSIC FIX 09- I-PHONE SKIN SWIPE TO UNLOCK 10- FIX KEY MAPPING 11- N8 TOUCH SENSE 12- 0 PRESS BLUETOOTH + RECIVED FILE IN E(RECIVED) 13- TATICAL FEED BACK 14- SPECIAL TONES (NOKIA=MESGING) 15- Change Default Music Search Location E\MUSIC 16- Clear FOTA reserved 5MB space 17- N97 Browser Agent 18- Prevent apps from running in background 19- ram sav camera + TOUCH CAMERA CAPTURE WORK FIX+ INCREASE CATURE RESULT 20- Gallery File Hider Media modifications: 01- Voice recorder set to High-Quality 02- Camera Image improved 03- Gallery has been improved 04- Video Capture frame rate improved 05- Added Music player v 15.2 with lyrics function 06- BEST SOUND CODECS EVER + DOLBY SOUND EFFECT+Equalizer is added+MUSICSUIT BY ME(SAMIWAHAB) Network modifications: 01- Downloads will continue, if phone accidentally turns off 02- Internet Browser Cache increased and moved to MMC (E:\) 03- WiFi sensitivity increase The bugs that have been fixed 01- The QT problem has been fixed 02- The Voice Commands app. has been fixed 03- Install & uninstall problems have been fixed REPORT ANY BUG CONTCT ME ... I WILL TRY TO HELP U ...... REMEBER ME IN YOUR PRAYERS USE JAF FOR EASY FLASHING...... DOWNLOAD LINK ... ALL IN 1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/i55er1cq395iuc5/n97_rm555_by_sami_wahab.zip

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Interesting samiwahab, i have been in these forums for a while but this is quite nice, i would prefer a port if possible for the nokia 5800 v60... but also is this made by you? because there had been several metros- the Metro 8 cfw and another Metro... Is this based upon an existing cfw or you built it on your own?

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used rafzeet, fast but, too much pre-installed stuff i don't want (too lazy to take them out one by one) vliemo^6 (hate the fonts theme) symbols doesn't appear right (missing fonts) gonna try these dling what more updated the nokiaflashlab the mediafire link you posted or this one? edited sorry.. the link was the same, that's nice, still DLING giving thanks after i try it

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