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2730 cfw mod


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hy all, this is my first tread/post here so go easy on me... So i got a modded cfw for my nokia 2730 then i used jaf and had sm fun but i really want to make my own version... And all i can find was basic ppm editors to change fonts but i want to edit contet and ppm files more advancedly... So if sm one can point me in the ryt direction ps:- nfe and nokia cooker wont work

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Pls, i changed the CNDS, SBNL font of my phone's ppm [nokia2730c] it did change from nokia.ttf to sony sketch bold.ttf. I then saved the ppm and flashed it to my phone. But the new font which is sony sketch bold didnt reflect. It was stil de old font that was there, as if i didnt change anything..the only that changed and reflected was the fonts in the CNDS

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