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and [FREE] Paper Sea Live Wallpaper


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This is a paper cut sea landscape live wallpaper with a lot of object in paper craft art that come with interactive feature.







Try the limited free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dutadev.lwp.paperseafree

and buy the full version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dutadev.lwp.papersea

??? Aquarium ???

It work as a big ocean aquarium. There are a lot of cute paper craft fish swimming around. You can choose the number of fish in setting. There are also some sea coral, animated seaweed, and unique sea plants as ocean background.

??? Theme ???

You can choose a fixed time day-dawn-night theme or automated theme based on real time. The sun and moon will move according to real time. In day, you will have some cloud moving across the screen. While in night, the interactive stars will appears on sky.

??? Interactivity ???

Here is the interesting part, most of these paper art is interactive. You can:

~ Feeding fish by tapping anywhere in the water.

~ Moving fish by simply drag and drop them.

~ Moving cloud

~ Moving star to form your favorite star formation

~ Tapping on star to make it spin

~ Tapping on cloud to change its color

??? Other Features ???

~ Original art work

~ Portrait and Landscape orientation support

~ Tablet support

~ Small memory usage

~ Small battery usage

~ MoveToSD support

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Today Paper Sea Live Wallpaper updated to version 2.1. It comes with tons of settings that you will like it!

Version 2.1:

~ Added time acceleration feature

~ Smooth color transition between time

~ Added feature to change fish color based on the color of food eaten

~ Increased number of clouds & color

~ Increased number of stars & color

~ Added a lot of (time, fish, clouds, stars) setting

We also make a new video to demonstrate the features. Check it out!


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