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How to port C6 fw to any s60v5 device

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Hi all, I have been in this site for a while now... It seems that though there are several cfws available for the phones, yet there is no post to describe how to port a fw to our own device... Moreover, binh24's links are all dead, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that After a long time I found out how to port; so here it is: 1) Download the c6v41 clean rofs2 from http://forum.gizmolord.com/custom-firmware-releases/nokia-c6-00-rm-612-clean-rofs2-for-cooking-!!!/ 2) Extract the files using NFE Std 3) Now you have to delete these files:         Resource\apps\ces_pdffilterinfostub.mif         Resource\Charconv\ISO88596.RSC         Resource\HwDev0x10206596.RSC         Resource\plugins\ces_emailtransport.rsc         Resource\plugins\ces_emailtransportdata.rsc         Resource\plugins\ces_pdffilterinfostub.rsc         Resource\plugins\quickmanagerfmplugin.rsc         Resource\plugins\quickmanagerfmplugindata.rsc         Sys\Bin\ces_emailtransport.dll         Sys\Bin\ces_pdffilterinfostub.dll         Sys\Bin\hwrmdefaultlighttargetmodifierplugin.dll         Sys\Bin\PtiKeymappings_612_17.dll         Sys\Bin\qorestart.exe         System\Data\srsf_2_16.bin from the rofs2 4) Now, add the files from the attachment below into the rofs2 You are now having a c6 rofs2 for ur phone 5)(Final Step): Clear the rofs2 files of ur own device and dump the new c6 rofs2, making sure that the size is not exceeded. Finally, download binh24's core for your from http://forum.gizmolord.com/symbian1-modding/c6n97-core's(mediafire-links)/ device and flash! Enjoy!! (note: You may need to add certain mods like the camera mod, light mod etc. for full functionality of your device!) :D

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