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I think you should make a Windows Phone * Section


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As MS announced the end of support to WP7 to come soon,why don't you make a New WP8 section.I really need it for my friends mobile and even i'm going to get one.Please make a new section so that users can share their HACKS AND MODS.

Hi Charan12999,

                          Making of a new sub-forum for windows phone 8 isn't a problem technically, but the real factor preventing us from doing so , is simply the lack of forum threads and posts.  As you can see, the windows phone 7.8 , meego were as inactive as they can get !  We don't want yet another inactive forum.    However, if we see that a decent number of people are demanding for starting of windows phone 8 section, we'll be more than obiliged to do so ! People who are genuinely interested in windows phone 8 section to be introduced in gizmolord can comment below.



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