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My galaxy Y is officially damaged


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Hi guys, I really wish to find an answer here, am in real trouble. I was trying to set up the Windows 8 ROM on my Galaxy Y phone, based on a tutorial I saw on some website. it seems that I messed it all up, and now my phone is damaged, it doesn't even accept any other ROMs. when ever I turn it on, it boots up, the windows 8 boot screen shows up and then it turns black and then it reboot again in the same process, it never launch :S the first time I did it, it launched successfully, but there was so many error messages, I got the same android regular home screen, nothing changed but the booting screen. but later this damage happened. and now my phone is stuck like that :S I tried to do a tutorial you have here about custom ROMs given, as an attempt to make my phone work, but it never works, the damage is still there, and my phone isn't able to make it further beyond the windows 8 boot screen. :S please help. please please please. what can I do??? is there anyway that I can get it back to android system? or even to make this windows 8 work??? I desperately need your help.

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