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No need of ThemeFx change ur theme effects from settings....... For FP2


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now change ur theme effects from settings>theme>general>options>theme effects> ON\OFF

this makes change theme effects so easy

-no need of themeFx software.

-no need of restart.

-its simple and easy.

just drop the attached files in ur Rofs2/3 and enjoy


Posted Image[img width=236 height=420] 97YQlRU.jpg[img width=236 height=420] gHuosNz.jpg


this needs theme effects base package

this is for belle fp2 only

can be with update software also

How to use:-

1) extract the files

2) put them in rofs2/3

3) after booting the cp install theme effects base package and restart once.

4) then in setting>theme>general> u can see options

5) by default its on

then theme effects gets enabled u can experience it.

u can change the effects in cp itself s by just turning the effects off from setting, then replace the effects folder from E:

again turn it on with out restart the theme effects get changed ...........

Now added with multi languages.........

How to enable or disable it by default --

1) in rofs2>private>10202be9>102818e8.txt

2) edit file....

edited files provided in attachments check it........


I)  Default on....

II) Default off...

Posted Image

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