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Nokia C5-00.2 By longdaigia moddified by shahab ( RM-745:v101.003 )


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Hi every one,here is cfw for c5-00.2 5mp created by longdaigia and modified by SHAHaB so i was so glad to share with all of you.plz post your comments and happy flashing ;) ;) ;)

Nokia C5-00.2(5mp)modified by Shahab (RM-745: v101.003)

change log:

1.Phone memory hasbeen extended to 109 MB

2.Permanent Hack+Rompatcher with Auto

3.Java permission hacked

4.My Color Ball (FP2) Theme is set to auto

5.Startup tone changed to that of Win7.

Startup animation,Shutdown animation and shutdown tone added.

6.additional menu views added- 3x2,3x3,3x5,3x6,4x2,4x4,4x5,4x6,5x2 and 5x3.

7.system folders are visible in Filemanager.

8.Filemanager can send all type of files including protected,java,unsignd,etc.

9.Heap size modded

10.call and message logs are extended to 365 days

11.Realplayer settings changed

12.Menu features enhanced.You can move and rename anything.

13gallery mod, enabled Quick gallery

14.alarm setings modded and snooze time changed to 3 minutes.

15.browser cache moved to E

16.caller ID displays name


18.call and sms notifications turned ON

19.camera sound completely removed.

20.camera save RAM after closing it.

21.camera quality increased to 100%.

22.character encoding set to full support

23.Annoyil Welcome SMS disabled and My nokia app removed.

24.keylock time and backlight time adjusted.

25.System Cache has been optimised.

26.recording quality increased.

27.prodcast removed from music player.

28.broken downloads are now resumable.

29.calling time is shown.

30.sent SMS is extended to 999

31.summery after call turned ON.

32.Theme effects ON by default

33.text size is set to small.

34.Default Theme effect is changed.

35.UI accelaration mod.

36.Mass storage is set as default in USB connection.

37.Video recording quality increased.

38.voice sensitivity changed to full.

39.writing speed is changed.

40.reject call with SMS turned OFF and Speeddial turned ON.

41.Language added English and Vietnamese (default language set Vietnamese)

[pre]Important note:[/pre]

flash with phoenix,and delete file rofs2,rofs3,mem card before flash

and enjoy...

here is download link


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