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Prepare-Install-Play N-Gage 2 for ALL S60v3(including N93, N93i, N95-2, N95-3, etc.)


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Posted Image[img width=240 height=320]http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/6040/screenshot0004ul7.jpg[img width=240 height=320]http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/3017/screenshot0003pr6.jpg

Phone firmware must be updated to the latest version!!!

Tested and working on:

Nokia 3250

Nokia 5500

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

Nokia 6110 Navigator

Nokia 6120 Classic

Nokia 6290

Nokia E50

Nokia E51

Nokia E65

Nokia E66 (use n76_20001079.txt)

Nokia E71

Nokia E90 (use n95_20001079.txt and delete this file: "C:\Private\10202be9\persists\20001079.cre")

Nokia N71

Nokia N73

Nokia N73 Music Edition

Nokia N76

Nokia N80

Nokia N81

Nokia N82

Nokia N91

Nokia N93

Nokia N95

-= Applications / Files needed on the phone =-

*CHAPTER 1* = *Preparing for instalment

Step 1 - "Installing HelloCarbide.sis"

Install HelloCarbide either on your phone or memory card. After it's done, you'll noticed that you have a new application called HelloCarbide (without an icon). Don't open yet.

Step 2 - "Applying the proper InstallServer.exe"

I assume that you already have installed LCG X-plore, if not, install it first. Now open lLCG X-plore (must enable "Show Hidden files and Show system files/folders"), DO NOT EXIT but switch (press and hold the menu button) to your standby mode then open HelloCarbide. You'll notice that it has no welcome screen or what-not, just press Options -> Menu1 -> Yes. If done correctly it will close itself. Now you have all the capabilities on your phone, much as BiNPDA's Security Manager. Now switch back to LCG X-plore. (You must not open any other application other than LCG X-plore). Copy the proper InstallServer.exe on ("C:/sys/bin") (if there is no "bin" folder, then make one). Exit from LCG X-plore. Do not do anything else, just restart your phone. Move on to installing N-Gage 2.0.

*CHAPTER 2* = *Installing the N-Gage launcher to your phone*

Step 1 - "Installing the N-Gage application"

Install the N-Gage application to your phone or memory card. Continue installing the application by always approving on the warnings, and the missing OS pipes.

Step 2 - "Installing the N-Gage Patch"

Just install it.

Step 3 - "Copy 20001079.txt to private parts of the phone a.k.a. HACKING the phone"

You can skip this step if your phone is either 3250, 6290, E70, N73, N76, N81, N93 / N93i, N95 / N95i / N95 PR2.. Now check the FAQ above about playing games in landscape mode. Secure the xx_20001079.txt that you are going to use and rename it to 20001079.txt. (I would suggest that use only the ones for your corresponding phone.) First open LCG X-plore (must enable "Show Hidden files and Show system files/folders"), DO NOT EXIT but switch (press and hold the menu button) to your standby mode then open HelloCarbide. Press Options -> Menu1 -> Yes. If done correctly it will close itself. Now switch back to LCG X-plore. (You must not open any other application other than LCG X-plore). Copy the 20001079.txt that you are going to use to ("C:/private/10202be9/"). Overwrite if needed. Exit from LCG X-plore. Do not do anything else, just restart your phone.

*CHAPTER 3* = *Installing the N-Gage 2.0 games*

(There are quite some difference from BiNPDA's necessary game instalment, to my way of BiNPDA games instalment. Either way, you could follow whichever you want. If you want to follow mine, read on.)

Step 1 - "BiNPDA games"

You should have downloaded or got the BiNPDA games by now. And you should come up with the game installer. If not, I think you should ask somebody about it from where to get it here and what to do about it.

Step 2 - "Game transfer" <- the difference

You must now got the game installers (xxxxx.exe files), and BINPDA told you to install it via MetroTRK connection. But I found a better, faster way (I guess, for me, because my computer doesn't have any USB 2.0 Port. And installing via MetroTRK took me 20mins+ just transferring the .n-gage files. Yeah, it's pretty outdated, I mean, REALLY outdated) So on to the procedure, don't connect your phone to your pc just yet. Open the game installer that you've found (make sure it's BINPDA *****ed). Install it just as you would have connected your phone to the pc. Click the check boxes: got n-gage application, and no need to install BiNPDA SecMan application. Now you're in the MetroTRK automatic com port detection, just click next. then it will say that MetroTRK could not connect to phone, and then you'll see that there's an option saying that you could extract the file to the pc. What the hell?! So just extract it to the pc, the file will be on the directory where you've opened the game installer. Now all you need to do is transfer the .n-gage files to your memory card in "E:/n-gage/" (if there's no "n-gage" folder, then make it). Now you got games? Yes, but not yet installed. Move on.

Step 3 - "Installing the .n-gage files"

You can now install games without any hassle of activating anything. As I have told you, you can now install almost all or any UNSIGNED applications/games on your phone!! Open N-Gage launcher. It could take about 5-10secs for loading. But hey, now you've opened it, wait for the “Preparing installation” warning to finish, but you still got no games. Press right on your keypad, you should see all your "to-be playable" games but only they are a little bit blurred. No worries, just click one up and it will ask you where to install. And after it is done feel free to play on or restart your phone, either way, you can now play.

And we are done!!! First of all, congratulation! Now you have installed your N-Gage 2.0 Launcher and games. But have you noticed? You can now install almost any or all UNSIGNED applications that you can find!!! Who's your daddy huh?

-= Doing a hard format =-

1. Back up all your important data (i.e. Images, Sounds, Videos, etc.) MANUALLY. Not by PC-Suite or something.

2. Format the phone and the memory card SEPARATELY.

3. Format the phone using this: (I call this, an S60v1/v2/v3 phone's Self-Healing)

*#7370# - Input on standby mode.


Turn off the phone. Then PRESS and HOLD the Green Button + Number 3 + Symbol "*" (asterisk/star) SIMULTANEOUSLY. Turn on the phone. Keep holding until the phone asked you to input which country you reside.

4. Format the Memory Card via Card Reader on the PC having the FAT disk attribute.

5. After formatting the phone, and the memory card. Put back the memory card again on the phone. Then format the Memory Card again using your phone. (Just to be safe)

6. Bring back all your files on your phone or/and memory card.

A very important information : (regardless of N-Gage 2.0)

As you have read right, I made or wanted you to format the phone and the memory card separately and back up your phone manually is because, here's the thing, IF AND ONLY IF your phone has a virus on it, making a back up via PC-Suite also backs up the virus file (I think). Saying that, when you want to return your back up from PC-Suite, it will also return the virus. AND, as I have experienced, these nasty viruses sometimes (or all the time) copies a clone of itself from the phone to the memory card. So, if you already has a virus, then format your phone, you actually don't know that the virus is also there on your memory card. After format the virus copies itself from the memory card to the phone. Making your phone format a waste. See what I mean?

Now you are worrying if the virus is in the memory card, then your PC is in danger? The answer is NO. A PC and a Mobile Phone has different Operating Systems. Saying that, a virus for the phone has no result on the PC, and vice-versa (unless someone made a single virus file for both OS. I'm not giving ideas you F***ing virus makers). The only way you could be infected is if your memory card already has a virus for the PC. Then you are DEAD (not literally). It is always and very best that you have a file explorer on your phone that can see hidden files on the phone and memory card (I use LCG X-plore) so that you can see if a PC-already-affected-virus copies something on your phone or memory card. This way you can always have the first move on protecting both your phone and your PC from a virus.

If you like my post don't forget to press the:green:button

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N-Gage v1.40(1557) for E63



These are the steps:

1-    Download and extract the

contents of the file "N-Gage

1.40 (for 320x240).rar" to

any directory.

2-    Install the file "N-Gage v1.40 (1557) s60v3.sis". It

will install many files and

stuff... you just have to

keep pressing the

"continue" option until it

installs all the stuff.

3-      Open the file: "N-GAGE_

E-SERIES.rar" and extract

its content to any directory.

You'll have 3 files:

10202be9.rar, 20001079.txt

and playcommon.mbm.

4-      Extract the contents of

"10202be9.rar", it will

decompress a folder with

the same name, then you'll

have to copy all the files

contained in that folder to the following location in

your phone: "c:/

private/10202BE9" (use X-

plore to copy the files). X-

plore will ask for permission

to overwrite some files, just hit yes to overwrite the


In order to view the files

your phone has to be

h4cked or you won't be able

to see, copy and overwrite the files.


Download the .rar File- http://tinyurl.com/b4w6t5k

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