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Need help Urgent

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How to change finding path music files from e: drive to f:drive in N97 mini(RM-555)cfw???

please help..


See below :

Need hacked phone, open4all patch applied in ROMPatcher and x-plore/y-browser to edit files/attributes.

And good will

- put this file 101ffcd2.txt to "C:\private\10202be9\"

- make it "read only" (change attribute)

- delete 101ffcd2.cre (if exists), in "C:\private\10202be9\persist" folder

- create E:\Music

- remove all previous songs from phone or make them hidden and system (to make player use new modded file you must take next steps because it caches previous library)

- restart phone

- open music player and refresh library, you will have 0 songs in player

- now put songs in E:\Music and refresh library

- put other songs anywhere on E:\ and refresh library again to see it works (you will have only songs from E:\Music showed)

Refreshing is now faster and it chooses only E:\Music folder, not all C:\ and E:\ like before.

To create file that chooses custom folder edit 101ffcd2.txt with x-plore or PC notepad. This line: 0x1 string "E:\\Music\\" change to "E:\\Custom\\" and it will search only in E:\\Custom, of course you need to create folder and put songs there.

I attached E:\\Music 101ffcd2.txt file.

Don't forget, when changing 101ffcd2.txt repeat all from beggining.

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