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want to mod Lancet Brightness v1.00(0) { QT based } its for Rs 5 at ovi


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i wanna mod lancet brightness v1.00(0) { QT based } its present at ovi for Rs 5 HERE

first look at details what this app do

when click on this app it shows 5 options when select any one that is

very low (changes brightness to almost 1%)

low (changes brightness to almost 30%)

normal (changes brightness to almost 50%)

high (changes brightness to almost 75%)

very high (changes brightness to almost 100%)

auto (i havent used it)

what i wanna do

very low (changes brightness to almost 1%)

low (changes brightness to almost 5%)

normal (changes brightness to almost 15%)

high (changes brightness to almost 25%)

very high (changes brightness to almost 40%)

auto (i havent used it)

look at the percent differences

why i wanna do this cause i never uses more than 50% brightness

why can i not use any app like lightctrl cause they eates ram and they are buggy

what i hv tried i hv unpacked brihhtness.exe with petran and then opened it with hex editor

result is i see a lot of carp and nthing of my use

i will be highly greatful if some one helps me

i know its a paid app and i hv already purchased it from ovi thats why i am attaching file which is to be modified

i hav attached the brightness.exe

here is the screenshot

Posted Image

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