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What is The “ww2″ or “ww3″ That Precede A Domain Name?


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Ever wondered why some domains are: ww2.domain.xxx, ww3.domain.xxx? Well, I did. Indeed, I was very curious why they had it, until I found out why…

There were several unsupported theories that tried to explain these, such as: “it’s a new Internet that is faster”, “the higher the number in the wwx, the higher the bandwidth allowed”, and so and so, until I found out the real cause: subdomains. Yes, you heard right, it’s not a faster internet protocol, not a higher bandwidth server, they’re just subdomains.

But why would they create subdomains with such names? The most correct theory I can think of, is to route servers. I mean if you have one server and it is getting too much traffic, you would get a new server, and for ease of use, you would simply name is ww2. Also, this could apply in cases where you get so much traffic all around the world and you want to enhance users’ experience in your site, so you would buy different servers all around the globe and name them ww2, ww3, etc.

For me, it was great to know this information. I know there are lots of web users that have, at least once, wondered why a domain name sometimes has that. I hope this was helpful. Any question, comment, or suggestion, please let me know and I’d be more than glad to assist you.


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