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Stop Altering Internet Options Settings in Windows


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If you have got someone younger and naughty at your home, who always plays some prank from your system and alters the internet explorer settings at your home and every time you face problem while surfing the internet then we have got a very precise solution for you which can help you to avoid any interference by anyone. In this post we will tell you about a freeware with the help of which you can easily disable some of the options in your internet explorer, which you will not allow itself to be accessed by anyone except you. Today we will tell you how can you stop altering internet options in windows

Posted Image

The screenshot shown above states all the option and the rights which can be restricted and disabled by you with respect to system administrator. For example, if you have disabled the access to General settings in the internet explorer, then anyone who tries to access those settings will receive an error message as mentioned in the screenshot shown below. It will not allow the others to alter any of your internet settings, like if you have been using some proxy settings to access a server, then no one will be able to alter it. Moreover the error message does not let any predict that you have installed any tool for that, it just displays an error which seems to be displayed by the OS, regarding the violation of some right.

Posted Image

his tool really helps the user to protect their internet settings in every aspect whether it is related to any normal setting or it is any Advanced setting related to LAN or it might be any of privacy settings, you just need to disable the options with the help of this tool. The tool is quite simple as per the interface and its size is around 51 KB and moreover it is portable, so you can use it on your home place and as well as workplace. The download link of this tool has been mentioned at the bottom of the post and this tool has been tested on the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition, so it is expected that it will run on all the version of Windows. If you face any issue while using it then please let us know, just put them in the comments section.

Download IE Options Disabler

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