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MegaTornado by lamerfall - Release 1


What you think about this project ?  

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  1. 1. What you think about this project ?

    • Super! I lke Orange Tornado homescreen and I use it frequently :)
    • I like the idea to have many homescreen themes, so keep it going on
    • I prefer Vodafone homescreen theme
    • I prefer Flash homescreen themes
    • No need of this, because nobody uses Orange Tornado in 2012

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MegaTornado Project

The same idea I used for my Mega Tsunami project, but this time for Orange Tornado!

See my Mega Tsunami topic for more details like benefits and pros.

To get involved in the project and help you can do the following:

1) Port existing Tornados to MegaTornado and publish them here

2) Add links and screenshots to Tornados, that you like and I'll port them when I have enough time

3) If you don't have time for 1 or 2 then simply give me thanks to show your appreciation for the project

List of reserved UIDs, names and releases

0x20022BE8 Tornad0 - Mega Tornado 1 by yener90 (ported by lamerfall)
0x20022BE7 Tornad1 - reserved
0x20022BE6 Tornad2 - reserved
0x20022BE5 Tornad3 - reserved
0x20022BE4 Tornad4 - reserved

Active Projects by lamerfall

Will be updated when I publish all my projects here...

Please, hit the green arrow under my nickname to support these projects and make S60 better :)



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