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FHSManager - Flash Homescreen Manager by lamerfall


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Flash Homescreen Manager

This application is for faster changing the Flash Live homescreen theme. It shows a list of all available flash homescreens and changes the homescreen without the need to go to settings->personal->homescreen themes->Flash (for disabling the theme, then changing the gadget, and then go to setting once again for re-enabling it).

Default folders:

E:\flashHS\ - put here gadgets with the name, that you want to see in the list.For example:



E:\flashHS\MyGadgetFolder\gadget.swf + settings + icons + subfolders - Supports gadgets with external icons or settings in subfolders like BlueSpectrumHS

E:\livewallpaper\livewallpaper.swf - the same but for live wallpapers for gadgets, that load external live wallpaper like Andre's HS

NB! Folders changed between different version - see the right folders in application!

It is still in development, so I need beta testers to see if it installs correctly and any feedback and bug reports are welcome.

Requires any Python runtime installed. Tested with 2.0 and 1.4.5.

[b]Update 1:[/b]
I attached some screenshots and also Python 2.0 Runtime and Python 1.4.5 Runtime - you need to install only one of these.

[b]14 February 2012, 22:10: Beta 1.3.2 [/b]
This release works only with Python 2.0 (installer dependency). This will be fixed soon.
1. Uninstall previous versions
2. Install
3. Report bugs 

[b]20 February 2012, 11:19: [/b]
Added 2 applications, that lauch gadget.swf from E:\gadget\ folder (see their config file inside sis). You can use them in OFW and C6 port. Credits to MOKIA for original application, and the second one is modded by me.

28 February 2012:

Version 2.0 released

- minor improvements

- new icon

- support for additional gadgets  (C6/N97/OFW)


* Minor improvements in C++ core (probably for version 2.x)

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