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Gado^gado Iconpack (N9 & Glossy & Anna Mixed Icon Pack) For OFW


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Dear All  :),

After I made little tweak CFW, i considered to share its iconpack...

Why named Gado-gado because this iconpack is packed with so many icons mixing..

Meanwhile gado-gado is one of Indonesian Traditional Food

That made from so many vegetables and fruits... :D

It's not brand new coz i just mixed 'em all into one pack based on my desire...

Credits & Big Thanks are addressed to these awesome people  ;-)

refsuj06  apex666  j0mar  silver_ice  johnrey22

vova1609 binh24 akshay5233

Chris Marsh For Posting Iconpack Thread,

Also Apex666 & Dev_rm & Pranoy_DMF for Iconpack guide

Gado^Gado ScreenShots

My Favorit Food  ;D

Posted Image

Posted Image

[img width=236 height=420] MenuFixI.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Toolsnew.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Medias.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Audios.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Offices.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Junk.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Networks.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Navigate.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Location.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] Settings.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] AppsSetting.jpg

Download Link

Gado^gado N9 & Glossy & Anna Mixed Icon Pack Lite Edition For OFW

Anna Icon S60ToolBarSkins

Gado^gado Icon Pack Pro Edition For OFW Is Coming Soon


Simply drop files into extracted rofs2, repack....  ;;)


Please give your review coz it needed if there r some icon bugs... so i could fix it

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