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Install Windows 8 Lock Screen, Login In Windows 7


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Launch of new Windows version has always been an exciting and thrilling wait for its users. As we all know, sooner Microsoft is going to announce the official launch of Windows 8, but still there are lot of apps and utilities coming out in the market and over the web in order to give a better look to Windows 7 and to make it look like Windows 8. Earlier also we have discussed many utilities and apps in the same context. Along with many features and designs,the user, as well as the developer community, has been giving special attention to the lock and login screen of Windows 8 which is quite distinct and looks really good. So, in continuation of the same, today we are going to discuss a small app which allows the user to feel those effects of Windows 8 in their own Windows 7 operating system. Win Lock is basically a small, easy to use, helpful and a newly developed open source utility which has added to the list of utilities to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8 and to give its users a look and feel in advance. The main objective and functionality of this utility lies in replacing the default Windows 7 lock screen with the one from Windows 8, and along with this it provides its users with an alternative, and beautifying your Windows’ appearance. If we look further into its functionality, then we may observe that this particular application allows you to set custom Name, Password and Background for the lock screen. This utility can be easily downloaded and installed from the link given below. After installing the app into your system, you may observe that the application runs in the system tray without disturbing the other processes running in the system. In order to make changes or tocustomize it, you just need to right-click its icon and select Settings to setup the Windows 8 style lock screen for use and thus you may see the complete change in the look for your system. Once you run the set up window, you may see that the Setup Win Lock window allows you to enter Your Name , Set Password and Select Background from an available list which makes sure that the changes are properly deployed in your system. After completing this setup, you may observe that the Windows 8 lock screen will be displayed with the selected background every time you login to Windows and will give you a different look for the system. You just need to simply double-click the lock screen to access the login screen and it will ask for your credentials. Here, you need to enter you Password to get entry into Windows . Overall we can say that it is a nice little utility specially developed for those users who want to experience different feel and look for their system. So, if you are one of them, than you may just download the utility and note that Win Lock works on Windows 7 only. Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/winlockpro/



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