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Star Diamonds Paradise by: Star Arcade


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Play Star Diamonds Paradise against your friends and new people you will meet in Star Arcade Community.

In Star Diamonds Paradise your objective is to collect diamonds by sweeping a chain of diamonds and capture area for yourself. Your captured area is shown in blue color and your opponents area by red.


Select chained diamonds to take over game area as much or as little as you want. Beat your opponent by capturing 55% of the game area. The captured area is identified by colors blue and red. By using available extra features you can select full rows, columns or blast areas. These extras increase your captured area as well. Don’t worry, if your opponent has captured some areas. You can “re-capture” them back. Just make sure you get 55% of the game area captured first. That’ll make you the winner of the game.

PS:/This game required data connection and email registration...:D

Note: Registration to Star Arcade is mandatory.


There also available PAID versiob in nokia store...But i'm not sure what is the different....:)

File attached or get it from nokia store....FREE VERSION or PAID VERSION




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