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TweakS - innovative symbian tweaker by Coderus


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Tweak your Smart

Compatible with all hacked smartphones based on Symbian 9.1 - 9.4 and S^3

Developed by Kolay and CODeRUS

  TweakS - the innovative application for the phones, allowing easy to change parameters which were inaccessible earlier to editing in system.

  TweakS is a cover for plugins in which the description of options for editing is stored. plugins for the application are accessible to loading directly from the program. Also you can download plugins from website. Just click on the .twk file from filemanager for it's installing.

Posted Image[img width=236 height=420]http://kolaysoft.ru/TweakS/screens/2.jpg

  Each plugin contains a group of settings, grouped by purpose. Don't forget to read the description to options inside Option - Description before their change! As the important information on some options is written at a forum about the program.

  Pay attention that some options in system can be initially locked. When you open it, application automatically will unlock them, then will suggest to make phone reboot. The locked parameters become accessible to editing after reboot.

  TweakS is application working with Central Repository configs (private/10202be9).

  You can request make new plugin or bugreport about application crash to coderus-at-gmail-dot-com or using Feedback option inside application.



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