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Rules For Posting Themes - Read This before posting a theme!


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Use only this section for posting themes, Do not create a new topic unless you're posting a theme.

Rules For Posting Themes :

1. Upload the themes here or link to the author's site. We don't like adf.ly,Plunder or Survey type of download links.

2. The title of threads should be like this "S60 V5 Theme #1 - XXXXX By XXXX". Check the latest topics #(number). the latest theme is "S60 V5 Theme #61 - Maemo by TaNdoor" then yours thread should be named as "S60 V5 Theme #62 - Numbers Series by IND190".

3. Do not post premium(paid) themes here.

4. Do not steal hard working theme developers elements and use in your theme without asking them!

5. Search before uploading a new theme.

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