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World of Drones War on Terror

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World of Drones War on Terror



In 2016 the fight against terrorism has grown into full-featured war. After a series of attacks, the world is ruled by chaos, fear, and people are escaping their homes. In this war we are losing out and individual governments are not able to unite to fight the evil. The last hope is given to the secret non-governmental program involving combat drones.


You are taking control over the first prototype and your task is to strike deep in the enemy territory. Destroy all enemies, release the residents from the tyranny and ultimately score the final strike. Except enemies you have to fight with the traps of the environment.


In the game you are not only fighting against diversified enemies and their extensive technology, you are competing against friends and players from all over the world in online leaderboards which will decide on the best fighter.



17 challenging missions to test your skills

Fast sci-fi action based on real laws of physics

Dynamically behaving enemies

Destroyable environment

Broad opportunities of customization of your drone

Amazing visuals

Online leaderboards, were you can compete with your friends


The world needs you. Are you ready to save it?


Link to Google play:


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