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You and your friends attended a party over the weekend. It was great fun and you all took a whole bunch of pictures on your smartphones. But now there’s a problem. Everybody wants to see all the pictures taken at the party. They’re all on different phones, so how do you quickly and easily share pictures with each other?


• You could upload them to Facebook. But what if you want to see the pictures before they’re shared with the public? Facebook compresses images, so you lose quality.

• You could upload them via Whatsapp. But creating a group and only being able to select 10 images at a time could take too long. Whatsapp also compresses images, so you would lose quality again. 

• You could upload them to Dropbox. But that would be slow, complicated and inefficient. 


The solution is Rebusly, the next generation image sharing platform. 


How It Works – 3 Simple Steps!

1. Simply create a new event on Rebusly, e.g “Last Weekend’s Party” and the app will generate a unique QR code. 

2. Send the QR code to your friends and ask them to scan it. They’ll be added to the event. You can even print the QR code before and hand it out to guests at your event!

3. Now everybody can upload and view all the pictures of the event with one tap of the app! 


Sharing images with your friends has never been so simple.

Link to Download:


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