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Drunk Runner

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Drunk Runner

Help a poor, drunk stickman to survive as long as possible, as it walks against the vehicles driving direction in this side-scrolling adventure!



- Three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal and Extreme

- An online ranking leaderboard for your best scores - you can try to beat the world's best players!

- Blurry vision effects, command delays and fast vehicles to avoid will test even the most developed reflexes

- A simple and intuitive game, perfect as a distraction on your leisure time


How to play:

The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible. This will increase your score.

The obstacles are both static and dynamic: you have to either jump or bend down to avoid them. But pay attention, drunk stickmen don't have the best reflexes!

There are three difficulty modes, each with its own leaderboard: on Easy mode stickman is more responsive; on Normal, every beer you drink will not have negative effects on the stickman and will just increase your score. On Extreme each beer will increase the "intoxication level" (represented by a bar on the upper side of the screen), which will slow down the stickman's reflexes, randomly causing a blurred effect on the screen.

Link to Download:


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