Problem In 'skyfire Redefined' Running X6 - Touch And Calling

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Hey Guys, back again...  :grin:

My X6 is running SFR and from past few months, it's been acting all wierd, :-?


Touch stops responding at random times8-|


I need to make a call and suddenly the phone acts like its not connected to the network (while its there  :facepalm: ) and says 'Emergency Calls Only',


The person I'm talking to can't hear me speaking even when I keep the phone sticking to my mouth and while shouting out loud.. !   :smile:]


All this happens way too often.. (:|


Is there a workaround these problems, or flashing is my last option?... @-)


Haven't flashed it since SFR was released, and the phone is 2011 Version.



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I'm not exactly sure why touch stops working though the emergency calls only is only due to lack of range, you don't have a clear signal, you should move to where there is a better signal, hence why calls are not clear.

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