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Attributes of Allah and Muhammad(PBUH)-Android app with knowledge


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99 names of Allah and Muhammad(SAW) is an android app which contains the recitation and meaning of all beautiful names of Allah and Muhammad (SAW). This beautiful all is designed and developed by QuranReading which is an online Quran tutoring academy.


Download 99 names of Allah and Muhammad(SAW)


Essential Features of this App:

Following are the some essential and unique features of this app

Ø  Audio recitation of all beautiful names of Allah Almighty in multiple voices made the learning very easy for the user

Ø  English and Urdu meaning of each and every name is another feature of this beautiful app. User cannot only learn these names but also understand the complete soul of these beautiful names.

Ø  Customize setting is of the unique feature of this app which makes this app quite interesting and easy because user can select those settings which seems to be easy and comfortable.

Ø  This app contains very sound background graphics which looks very attractive and makes this app quite interesting

Download this app for free and enjoy the learning features of this app

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