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[MOD] Symbian Belle navibar for OFW, C6v40


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"OFW lovers, I've made a Symbian Belle navibar for ofw. Almost all the .r01 files have been edited, and the options, exit, hide, back have been replaced with belle alternatives

I've spent more than 2 days working on it. So, if you like it, do comment

You all might've seen the mod for C6/N97 by ghzx. But, he had used Nokia Pure Font and replaced kinda useful ~ and $ with the symbols.

UPDATE : As per requests, I've made the mod for C6v40. I've not tested it, as i'm on OFW and can't flash back anytime sooner. But, I'm 100% sure that the mod would work.

I've not added any HS symbols. Modders may use my mod, and add it

Thanks to n0tr3v3 for providing me the C6v40 files

P.S. I've edited about 243 .r01 files 

Credits : ghzx a.k.a. Mehrzad for the original mod.

I love OFW "







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im using blaze ultimate RM-504 can you provide me belle navibar removal files since blaze ultimate RM-504 comes without the option of no belle version so im helpless i tried woth ROFS2 original files but i falied to replace files correctly so please help me!!! :(

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